Doofinder: a smart search engine for e-commerce stores


If you run an online store, you want to stay ahead of the competition by making sure your customers get the products they want. While you may have the best products, if users can’t find what they’re looking for, even if it’s there, you’ll end up losing a lot of sales. Most people are in a hurry and therefore want to get everything with one click.

Fortunately, Doofinder makes it easier for users to search for the items they need. It is a powerful, fast and intuitive search engine that will increase your online sales in a short time. With just a few clicks, it will show relevant results to customers. For your part, you can learn from their research and improve the buying process.

Doofinder does not require any kind of programming. Therefore, you can install it on your e-commerce store in minutes.

What makes Doofinder unique

With a million products online, it’s pretty difficult to attract visitors to your store and turn them into buyers. However, by improving your users’ search experience, you can increase your online sales in no time.

That’s why you should add a smart search engine like Doofinder to your e-commerce.

Quick results

Nowadays, people want to get things right, including search results. If it takes a customer forever to find the product they’re looking for, they may end up buying from your competitor. With Doofinder, your customers can find the products they want without leaving the home page. Additionally, you can include predefined results for each search term so that you can offer interesting products to your users and force them to shop.

Mobile search

Smartphones are very popular these days due to the connectivity they provide. People want to do everything from the convenience of their phone, from buying items online to making payments. In this note, a search engine is needed that users can easily use using their mobile phones. With Doofiner’s mobile tier, users can easily search for the items they need. Not only is it fast and effective, it also shows relevant search results to users on the phone screen.

Search tips

Providing search suggestions to users makes it easier for them to identify the items they are looking for and also to check related products. With Doofinder’s new Suggest technology, you can refine search results on your online store to help your customers through the search process and consequently increase your conversion. Additionally, with facet browsing, customers can refine product searches with filters and aspects such as price, color, size, brand, and many more.

Voice search

Some customers are quite busy and therefore may not have time to type in their desired search terms. Instead, they prefer voice search, especially when using mobile devices. Doofinder offers this advanced functionality to satisfy this type of customer. This means you can connect with desktop and mobile users, thereby increasing your sales opportunities.

Do you want to optimize the search results of your users in your online store? It’s time to try Doofinder to improve product search and increase conversions!

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